Crazy Season

We are in an extremely busy season in our lives. My husband is traveling for business they next 4 weeks due to a huge project at work.  He normally doesn’t travel.  When he is not traveling he is just busy at work following up with stuff he hasn’t been able to do while he was away from the office.  This leaves all of the weekday jobs solely on me.  We have a child that plays competitive sports so she has practices 4 weeknights.  Throw in school, homework, dinners, and other responsibilities and we are just beyond busy.  On top of that my husband was offered a moonlighting gig that has many potentials.  He couldn’t pass it up but it comes at a bad time for us.  This opportunity gives us potential to get ahead financially as well as potentially open doors in his industry.  So he jumped at the chance and I fully support him, even though I know this season will be incredibly crazy.  The thing is I know this is just a season and like all of those crazy times it will pass.

If I am a little scarce around here it’s because of the busy season.  Writing blog post takes a lot more time than I thought they would but I do enjoy it.  Thanks to all who have welcomed me and reached out to me through comments and even emails.  I am finding I do enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “Crazy Season

  1. I know it does take time to write blogs and keep up with others. And you sure don’t have to do it daily – but I do think being part of this group is so helpful for women like us. Most of us have kept our desires hidden for so long and this is our safe place where we get understanding and support.


  2. Wishing you the best and hope life settles down a bit for you soon. Keep communicating with each other during this busy time. We will be here as and when you are able to write.



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