The Look

My husband is home and has been for a week now.  Still busy as always.  Now just finding myself getting back into the groove.  I find myself getting a little more irritated and frustrated since he came home.  Why?  Oh maybe because I was doing everything my way and on my timeframe when he was gone.  Now that he is home the expectations are different and I have to adjust.  I can’t have it both ways.

I love wearing flip flops.  I hate shoes.  My back on the other hand does not have my same love of flip flops.  I have suffered for days with lower back pain when I wear them for a whole day or I am running a ton of errands.  Here’s the problem,  It’s hot were I live, flip flops are convenient, my husband has not been home to stop me, I have been wearing them for the most part while he was gone.  Yesterday we had a bunch of errands to run. One of the places we had to go was Costco and we all know that the floors there are just cement.  My flip flops were in front of the couch were my husband just happened to be sitting.  I was slipping them on when he cleared his throat just slightly.  I raised my head slowly and met his eyes.  Oh yea he had The Look, the one that makes you pause. All he said is “REALLY!”  I tried to reason with him.  I told him all the benefits of wearing them in the middle of summer.  He didn’t buy it.  He just said he is not going to listen to me complain that my back was hurting  for a week, flip flops have no support, etc.  I did my cute little pout that often makes him laugh and tried that.  That didn’t work either.  He did laugh but said, “Not happening”.  DANG IT!  Off I went to get my socks and shoes.  When I came back he had partially slipped his foot into my flip flop and was lecturing me about how little support they had etc.

I am working on slipping back into that submissive side of me again…LOL  I better make it quick.  We have a week long vacation coming up.  We will be driving hundreds of miles with the kids and my mom.  The only way we will have a peaceful and fun time is if I step back and let him lead.  That’s not always easy.