Where did the time go?

I thought for sure once summer hit I would have more time to relax, blog, and just be.  That so didn’t happen.  As I said my husband was gone for the first part, he was home for a couple of weeks and then we left for a week long vacation.  Once home, of course I had to get everything back in order.  A couple more business trips for the hubby, another vacation for kids and I, and doing fun things with the kids while they were off and all of a sudden we are looking at the start of school straight in the face….LOL  I have enjoyed the summer but can’t deny that I am anxious to get back to a routine.  My children are getting squirrely and I sense that boundaries and routines will do us all a world of good.

Everything is the same between my husband and I.  Honestly I have not had the brain space to put much thought into all of it.